Wednesday 8 April 2020


After taking temporary sanctuary from the Covid19 virus in the relatively quiet city of Haarlem (population 235,000), I needed to return to my home in Amsterdam (population 822,000) to water my houseplants, check my mail box and check-in with housemates.

The weather had taken a sudden spring-time turn for the better (20°C), so rather than endure the suspicion and paranoia of strangers, which is what traveling on public transport has become in this virus stricken time, I instead jumped onto a trusted bike and peddled the distance.

I didn't follow the most direct course, but instead plotted a 20km scenic route where I could appreciate the subtle (yet sometimes sudden) changes between city and countryside. Along the way I hoped to discover new paths for myself through what has become a fairly well trodden area of North Holland and experience new approaches into the neighbourhood I call home.

Start time: Monday 6th April 2020, 12:36
End time: Monday 6th April 2020, 14:29

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